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Pressed Eyeshadow

Pressed Eyeshadow


Zaylia Cosmetics' highly pigmented Pressed Eyeshadow have been made using the finest micro powders available. With 40 colours available there is sure to be a colour for any make up look you can dream.

Matte (M)    Pearl (P)    Sparkle (S)


  • For a brighter colour and longer lasting results apply after Eye Primer using an  Eye Brush of your choice.

Zaylia Cosmetics pressed eyeshadows are also available in Refills which fit a range of empty palettes including our 2 Well5 Well15 Well and MAC Pro Palettes

For sets of our most popular colours see 5 Well Eyeshadow Palettes


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$10.00 (inc. GST)


A go go (s)
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